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Editing, Motion Design, and Post production supervision for the PBS show, Articulate with Jim Cotter

This is a musical piece from a full episode of Articulate with Jim Cotter I edited profiling the violinist Daniel Handler.

More Editing and Motion Graphics Work from Articulate with Jim Cotter

Joseph Conyers in Concert and Conversation Daytime Emmy-nominated for Best Multicam Editing (Double-bassist)

Crossing Cultures (Edited the Time for Three Segment) Daytime Emmy-nominated for Best Multicam Editing (Classical Trio)

Camille Brown: The Past is Present (Choreographer)

Rufus Wainwright: Learning from Yearning (Singer-songwriter)

Aaron Sorkin’s Second Act (Writer)

The Killers: The Pressure Machine (Musical Group)

Joan Naviyuk Kane: Speaking Their Language (Poet)

Yusef Komunyakaa: War and Peace (Writer)

Balkrishna Doshi: Building Compassion (Architect)

Tobias Frere-Jones: A Man of Letters (Type Designer)

Classical Music Performances with The Philadelphia Orchestra

I edited this collaboration with Steve Martin and The Philadelphia Orchestra as part of a full program that debuted their 2020 season. The orchestra footage was a 20 cam multicamera set-up with Steve Martin synced with a click track.

“…what was wonderful about the production by a collaborative team (Jim Cotter was executive producer) is that it conveyed that live feeling, but with a lot of extras that you don’t get live in the concert hall. Shots of players were smartly chosen, often moving apace with the music. In the most positive sense, the online medium falls away and you really can focus on the music.”

— Peter Dobrin, The Philadelphia Inquirer, October 2nd, 2020

Pulitzer Prize Winning Play Cost of Living

This is a short excerpt from the edit I did for the Broadway play, “Cost of Living.” Written by Martyna Majok, the play examines two pairs of relationships between disabled and able persons: one between John, a graduate student with cerebral palsy and his female caregiver, Jess, and the other between Ani, who became a quadriplegic following a tragic accident and her ex-husband, Eddie, an unemployed truck driver.

Marketing and Educational Content for The Wharton School

This video was created with the Wharton Development team for “The More Than Ever” campaign which raised over one billion dollars. I primarily worked with them from pre to post-production on the concept, editing, and animation.

I collaborated with the team at Wharton Interactive to create this trailer for a series of games designed to help students learn. The final game assets were still being developed, so I integrated early pages they had available, assets we had shot, and stock footage to create the final piece.
This was another project with the team at Wharton Interactive. We helped develop the format and I created the art direction and animations for the show package and to help visualize and explain the processes used by AI.

Motion Design Reel